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What Sucks Most?

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

What are the things on you really don’t like?
Features you miss?
You like site *** more then because they ***?
What makes incredible bad?

Please comment – help us building Skins2.0!

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What Rocks Most?

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

What are the killer features on
Why is your favourite site for babe wallpapers?
What makes better then other wallpaper sites?

Please comment – help us building Skins2.0!

See also: What Sucks Most?

Sarah – is she good enough for

Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Every here and then we’re getting direct inquiries from agents wo want us to to publish wallpapers from a yet unknown model. The same happened today when Sarah emailed us and we’re not yet sure. These are some of her pics – what do you think? Do you like her?

Sarah. (Pictures taken from 2004-2006.)


Is this Scarlett Johansson?

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

JohanssonWe found a pic of this really cute babe… But we are not sure if this is Scarlett Johansson or not…

What do you think?

babes, celebrities, models, whatever?

Friday, April 7th, 2006

As we’ve found out with an earlier post there’s no reason for keeping the model / celebrity categories alive and you’re not gonna see it with skins 2.0 anymore. But as we can’t move all the women to a like URL we need a new name for the directory. What name is the best one for all these women?

babe, celebrity, model, girl, celeb, …???
What keyword do you use when describing the kind of women that you come to see on Please give us some input on that and thanks for all the feedback during the first weeks on the blog!

I don’t like target=_blank

Friday, April 7th, 2006

target=_blank makes links open in a new browser window. I don’t like it, because I don’t need it.
Reasons against open links in new windows

  • Everybody can open links in a new window (if you are still using Internet Explorer with all of its disabilities) or in new Tabs (when you are using a good browser) by holding Shift or Ctrl when clicking on a hyperlink.
  • The choice of whether a link will open in a new window should be the end user’s choice, not the web designer’s choice..
  • It breaks the Back-Button.
  • New windows in Win XP open always on the top, so you will loose the “main site”.
  • It breaks the website structure if internal links open in new windows.

Reasons for open links in new windows

  • Users are quite confirm with the “multi-window” environment.
  • It’s easier to close a window then it is to find the Back-Button.
  • Most people don’t know that they can easily open links in new windows by holding Shift or Ctrl when clicking on a hyperlink.
  • For webmasters: Don’t make your visitors think *g*

We deactivated the target=_blank attribute for internal links in the past for some days and got tons of negative feedback. So now I want to know, how the links to the wallpaper download sites in the new should behave. Would it be an opportunity if we offer a checkbox that makes links to the wallpapers eopn in new windows (but opens in the same window by default)?

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