About this blog

Do we need a blog on Skins.be?

Yes. We need discussions with our vistors and fans. We need a place to post our news and ideas and the Skins.be frontpage is the wrong place for this kind of content.

But what about the forum?

The forum is a great community thing but it is more like a little world in itself then a little part of Skins.be. Forum users find and post pictures and wallpapers, only a few of them are interested in discussions about the main website.

Can I post a comment without registration?

Yes. When you post a first comment you have to submit a valid email adress and your name (which can be a nickname). When you post a link in your comment an administrator has to moderate it before it’s published. We have to handle it like this because of comment spam.

Can I write a new posting?

No. Please use the forum to start own discussions. Maybe we think you are the missing author for this blog but please don’t ask. “Don’t call us, we call you”.

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