babes, celebrities, models, whatever?

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29 Responses to “babes, celebrities, models, whatever?”

  1. sunkan Says:

    I think it should be celebrities or babes.
    I see the moste of the names on the list as celebrities.

  2. nrg Says:

    yea.. Celebrities are almost for all…

    models are celebrities anyways

  3. kees Says:

    I think it should be “bitches and Ho’s”

  4. me, myself and I Says:

    I say celebrity. cause every girl is a celebrity, no matter if it’s a model or actress

  5. Alex Says:

    I prefer babes…

  6. nrg Says:

    yea babes is good to 😀

  7. Robert Says:

    Celebrities… babes… hotties… girls… Kees’ pretty right. 😀

  8. SvKRO Says:


  9. Says:

    why is it not possible to move the directory of each girl one level up?

  10. Rudin Says:

    I prefer to refer to the women, on this website, collectively as “beauties.” That is what all the women on this website supposedly have in common and so I prefer that categorization.

  11. iemz Says:

    I prefer Celebrities.

  12. desktop_hunter Says:

    I think Babes is the most logical as its the name of the category anyway.

  13. moods Says:

    I’d say babes will do

  14. thomas Says:

    well, i’ll prefer celebrities – it just sounds better

  15. Marc Says:

    I think babes is the best all encompassing name. There can be babes who aren’t celebrities necessarily, so I think babes works best.

  16. Chaz Says:

    Why not have each set of photos have their own folder?
    etc. … is just creating another level in the directory tree for no purpose.

    If you really want to direct traffic to this site, give each babe her own subdomain:

    this should also make the URLs for each babe much more search engine friendly

  17. Valerie Mikens Says:

    Angelina Jolie is awesome, she’s hot too!!

    Valerie Mikens

  18. Chrysalis Says:

    How about maybe a featured babes section? A selection of some of the favorite babes on ladies like Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima and Angelina Jolie.

  19. marcello Says:

    I’d prefer celebrities.

  20. Jo Juan Says:

    I’d prefer THE BABES… it’s explain that all wallpapers are hot women…

  21. blazo Says:

    nothing to say,just best

  22. billy Says:

    hey i think there should be naked hot babes on this site more of them. i find them not nude engough

  23. hello Says:


  24. tiago Says:

    crazy sexy babes aded me, my mail

  25. manoj Says:

    do not see any thing.

  26. paketa Says:


  27. zafar Says:


  28. Junior Says:

    send all off the net

  29. Guillaume Says:

    First : thank you so much for your website !

    Ok now let’s my proposal : why not create divisions following the images format ? The wide one and the classic one.
    beacause i’m fooled to always click on my resolution and sometimes not find a wide screen …

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