How helpful is the kilobyte notice on


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24 Responses to “How helpful is the kilobyte notice on”

  1. Says:

    In my opinion the kilobyte information is really needless

    even years ago, when I had a 56k-dial-up-connection I didn’t take a look at it

  2. zalaxy Says:


  3. jim Says:

    as long as you continue to keep the file sizes low and the resolutions high, imo they don’t help at all

  4. LucySky Says:

    Yeah. Thats the point man!
    We want more of that good stuff, man!

  5. Adam Says:

    never even looked at them

  6. Name is required Says:

    don’t care at all (of course). i mean, who does? noone.

  7. Robert Says:

    I use it to judge resolution of pictures, that’s all.

  8. mark Says:

    Why not show it? It’s still good to know.

  9. gRuNt Says:

    Hm not all people are on somekind of broand band connection so the size of pictures matters for me at least, I dont see the problem of keeping it if you dont have a need for it dont look at it.

  10. nonsensor Says:

    It is useful. Some time on other web sites you may try to download image and it takes ages for slow connection computers. It may be 800 Kb when you expect 180 or 200 Kb for 1024×768 wallpaper. Thanks that here images are compressed corectly.

  11. Paci Says:

    I think its useless, I only look at the resolutions and quality.

  12. pup Says:

    resolutions high and the “white out” pictures to a minimum and the filesize doesn’t matter. Thanks again for the 1920×1200 images.

  13. Dazman Says:

    i never look at that to be honest 🙂

  14. Benski Says:

    nope, never payed attention to it. 😉

  15. Phelonius Says:

    i never use it, i guess you would only need it with dial-up
    you could also put it into a mouse-over infobox

  16. llvllax Says:

    It is very useful, keep it! No mouse-over info-ballon-boxes…. those are a pain in the butt. Thanks, Keep up the great work!

  17. gamekid Says:

    It’s a trivial thing, but it can’t be bad to have (is it wasting bandwidth?).

    Please keep ’em.

  18. Pete Metzger Says:

    Extremely valuable feature. More than once I have downloaded an image only to find out later that it was too small to be of any use. I am much amused at the people in this forum who say that the the warning is “useless, I only look at the resolutions and quality”.

  19. imemyself Says:

    The single best feature of your site!
    I come for good high quality hi rez images.. the kb notice lets me know whetehr the image is big enough for my needs.. please keep it!

  20. Reymar Gooding Says:

    I look at it all the time. I think you should definately keep it!

  21. Josh Einstein Says:

    I like it. I use it as a rough gauge of the quality of the image. A larger size usually means a better looking picture.

  22. LeStat Says:

    Didn’t see the kb indicator untill you mentioned it. lol

  23. R/\/\C Says:

    I always have a look at them…plz keep them…

  24. Injecter Says:


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