I don’t like target=_blank

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12 Responses to “I don’t like target=_blank”

  1. kouilloman Says:

    use a browser with mitre…
    so you will have all the pages in the same window…

  2. Sunkan Says:

    I think you could add it as an option for member so you can activate it if they think it is needad.
    I like it off because it is my chois to open it in a new window or not.

  3. Robert Says:

    I don’t really mind. I keep all internal links to the same window while externals to a new one simply from habit.

  4. kees Says:

    i think you should give us the option. So we can choose what we prefer.

    Personally i like it in the same window, as i can go easily back with the back button on my logitech mouse 🙂

  5. Lee Says:

    i think it would be better to keep the target=_blank for visitors and to make an option for members so that they can choose what they do prefer.

  6. Ricky Says:

    I really prefer the wallpapers to open in new windows. it is easier for me to find an close as i usually download the wallpaper and then close that window and so on. if i dont want it to open in a new window then i just copy the link, make a new tab and pase the url or whatever.

    new windows are just common and comfortable for most people. it’s the norm. well for me anyway. it’s no big inconvenience if a link opens in a new window really.

  7. G Says:

    “if i dont want it to open in a new window then i just copy the link, make a new tab and pase the url or whatever.”

    This is real inteligence… almost George Bush’s level. Congratulations.

  8. Chaz Says:

    Keep the wallpapers opening in new windows automatically. It is really annoying to have to go back and forth between individua wallpapers and the “gallery” area.

  9. Nate Says:

    I really like the way the pages open now in a seprate window. Cause then I can open sevral of them at a time and let them load on my slow intrenet connection. But I also do agree that you should let members have an option to be able to do it either way. That would make the most sens. I would keep the site with the pictures opening in a different page for vistors.

  10. Mike Says:

    I’d take the “it’s the user’s choice” direction and remove target=_blank. It really bugs me when I click a simple link (anywhere, not just here) and get a whole new FF window. (Although now I middle-click all wallpapers out of habit [to get a new tab] so I wouldn’t notice a change in the target.)

  11. pup Says:

    New windows are the devil. Rosie will visit your house and try to have you impregnate her and will not leave until her mission is complete.


    People stop using IE6.

    New windows suck for ANY browser. Get Firefox or Opera or something with tabs. Hit CTRL then click on the link. Ding, new tab. Until a “target=_newtab” comes around, this is the BEST WAY, not to mention the ONLY WAY to browse.

  12. sam Says:

    People will moan if you change it either way, they get thier habits and are resistant to change.

    I think that useablilty should dictate how you handle links. I’ve never liked new windows spawning without asking me. It’s takes my control and choice about the matter away. If I want a link in a new window then it’s trivial for me to make that happen. If I don’t, then the default behaviour should be in the same window. New windows from links are like popups and who wants tham?

    Newbies to the net are always phased by links opening in new windows. It’s non-intuitive and because of the association with popups and agressive advertising can be a real turn of.

    Give the user the choice. If memebers want the old style, give them the option in tier settings.

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