Logo Design – We need your help!

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50 Responses to “Logo Design – We need your help!”

  1. darkfusion Says:

    The pink and grey looks better .

  2. SvKRO Says:

    agree – the first one is better…

  3. wassa Says:


  4. marko Says:

    The first one looks good…

  5. haha Says:

    am i the only one who thinks the second one is better? ok you’d have to remove the inner shadow but then it looks really good in my opinion

  6. Sonora Says:

    first one is the best!

  7. Marcus Says:

    Another time… first one’s the best!

  8. @nakonda Says:

    I really like the first one, but both looks good.

  9. hot-elle Says:

    logo1 is really better! (red writing)

  10. Andreas Says:

    the second one looks really bad. first one looks ok.

  11. Wouter Says:

    The first one is very good, I would choose that one :).

  12. Orn Says:

    A site aimed predominantly at blokes, and both logos are pink? Madness…

    1st one though.

  13. Miho Says:

    First look better.Pink is beautiful

  14. angel_gurl Says:

    Great job 😉 I love the pink 😀
    But I think most people will prefer the first logo.

  15. jones Says:

    the first one is better, but i agree with orn – the site is designed for males so i think you should go for a more manly design. the blue/green logo for the blog is actually better imo

  16. amele Says:


  17. jairo Says:

    the first one

  18. Dax Says:

    The second one is way better; I like the gradient fill background.

  19. the dude Says:

    nah…those are not styleish enough….that figure of a woman doesnt belong there….it makes it look like a porn site or something like that…take the 2nd one,delete the woman and work with the colors

  20. np.fan Says:

    I would prefer the first one

  21. Chaz Says:

    I like the 10 kb version best.

  22. av44 Says:

    logo1 (10kb) is better!

  23. av44 Says:

    … But I agree with the dude:))

  24. Eddy Says:

    Logo 1 is better.

  25. paketa Says:

    Second logo looks better, but needs few amends, like removing the shadow from around the girl

  26. jaime Says:

    i think that you should work a little more, because none of them express the identity of the page… good images, good taste mmmm you have a very good material on that. keep on working.
    pd if i can help you let me know!!!!!

  27. sofiene Says:

    i like it

  28. zafar Says:

    the first one is best becouse its pinks

  29. Jonas Says:

    The first is better!

  30. Mukesh Says:

    The second one looks good. The size is appropriate and the focus is on the name and not on the girl.. 🙂

    In the first one, the size is determined by the girl and not by the words..

    The background color of the first looks appealing.. can u put that into the second one and see how it looks.

  31. k Says:

    first one

  32. Virogenesis Says:

    Don’t like either one of them… id go with the blog girl silouethe if you ask me…

  33. uni Says:

    i think the first is better, but very good is no of this two, i think you could make a better logo for such a big site !

  34. David Says:

    The pink one looks great, but she needs more boobs 🙂

  35. madoxav Says:

    I prefer the 1st one too.

  36. KC Says:

    The purple and pink one is better!
    but u could do better with a white background and glass effect for the name and the lady logo in different and much more bright colours

  37. John117 Says:

    the idea with the dots is good and the 1st one looks better, but i’m sure you can do that better

  38. derekb67 Says:

    I much prefer the second one as it states this is Skins.be not just some ordinary website.

  39. Reymar Gooding Says:

    The first one it is!

  40. popa Says:

    second one looks like what you see on splash guard on trucks

  41. BT Says:

    you may not like this answer but this is what i think about your two logos:

    – thay look like an advertisement for a “sex shop”, a “peep show”… or somethig involved into porn. Do not use them!

    I rergularly have a look on your website, and i have always appreciated the “clean” look of it . No vulgarity, No porn, high end pictures… go on this way.

    Your actual logo is nice, even only a few poeple remember it. In fact your real logo is your name: Skins.Be. Don’t focus on the pink lady picture, use only “Skins.be”, and let all your wallpapaer speek for you.


  42. R/\/\C Says:

    hahaha….looks more like a logo of a porn site…..

  43. abush Says:

    1st one

  44. Shaun Says:

    1st one defo.. lovely

  45. Tyler (IT) Says:

    Funny! maybe the first is too much high..e too much empty space…the second si better

  46. Arif Says:

    i want to make 1 infact i can but how can i show u?

  47. Respiro, the logo design guy Says:

    The first is better but it could be much better. 🙂

  48. shakari Says:

    I think this purple one is pretty cool…

  49. william quartz Says:

    I am not so worried about the content now as I am about the short time we have to get it .

  50. ArthaS Says:

    The First One Is Better

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