New Beta is online

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22 Responses to “New Beta is online”

  1. duryodhan Says:

    My god …. just beautiful!!!
    I am a a newbie web designer … I bow to thee!!

  2. ls Says:

    The colour is ok but I think there still is alot of useless shit on the page-like babe of the week,most popular,top babes and the links at the bottom of the page…

  3. jackal Says:

    my feedback (every day visitor): Wow!, this is much better then before, colours are nice, finally i can bookmark the new skins instead of visiting the old one.
    but one thing, i’d change the font for some else, the used one looks somehow strange, you could use “more babes” like font.

  4. Rice Says:

    muuuuuuuuch better!! The color is finally not hurting my eyes. I would change the (useless in my opinion) panels on the left, though – the ‘original’ panel with all the babes names in alphabetic order is a much better idea. Please reconsider

  5. abc Says: with different colors. the buttons at the top even look similar to the old ones at
    anyway, it’s way better than the old beta.

  6. Franciscus Says:

    It’s better now. Very interesting colours! But I still find the site loaded with, in my opinion, useless features… But I guess that’s the way sites are made now, maybe I’m too much of a less-is-more guy. I also agree with Jackal about the font: somehow, it doesn’t fit. It went too well with the pink layout…
    But a nice improvement anyway!

    Imagine: the original with the new colour tones. 🙂

  7. Fabio Says:

    New beta is very nice!!! But i would like find it on italian language, too.

  8. Respiro Media Says:

    Great update! 🙂

  9. nimda Says:

    Would you like to translate the page to italian?

    If you want to, please contact me:

    Thanks for the feedback.


  10. nimda Says:

    @jackal, Franciscus:
    on which os/Browser (Version) do you browse skins.beta?


  11. RaZor Says:

    What a beautiful design!!

    Is is much better than the old one. is still the best wallpaper site!!

    Good luck for the future.


  12. AeonFlux Says:

    Nice design, much better than the old one =D

    It is very fanzy =)

  13. Jack Says:

    I like the old one style more than the new beta style
    only my opinion

  14. Danial Says:

    The looks are nice but it takes more than 200 items to be downloaded before the page opens completely, are you people crazy? I agree internet is becoming faster worldwide but does not mean you people have to avail all the fastnest…do you know how much bandwidth it takes for a single webpage to open completely and now people are using their PDA’s and mobile to access websites, can you imagine how much it will cost to visitors to view your webpage where every byte transferred to internet is charged by mobile service providors in GPRS and EDGE technologies.

    You people are doing a great job with pictures but I should remind you that almost all the visitors come to this site taking it as an hobby, entertainment, art, wallpapers or for the sake of being a fan of celebrities but it is not a professional website so don’t make it complicated and add excess features, and people wont bother to come to your website as it is also very heavy in terms of opening your webpages…

  15. Says:

    yeah! I also like this new design!!

    But if I had any probs with those 200 items to be downloaded, I would also be upset…

  16. Big A Says:

    I miss one thing only. The complete list of all celebrities and models on one site, from the top to the bottom. I like when I can scroll down and see all names. I hate it when I must click NEXT and NEXT …
    And I’m also a fan of “less is more”.

  17. Big A Says:
    This site is for me lets say not very good. The overview is not very well. I like it more when the names are among each other, no matter how long the list is (like the old style list). And I’m sure that is not only my opinion.

  18. Snowy Says:

    The browsing doesn’t work!
    When listing the pics by tag, I am taken back to page 1 when I click page 2.

    The next button never takes u away from the 1st page. Click on any page number… doesn’t work.

  19. nimda Says:

    Hi Snowy! Thanks for your hint. I fixed it and it works now again.


  20. verex Says:

    New site looks good, but i think you may add names into newest wallpapers and move user uploads under Search block.

  21. A Says:

    What a shame, the layout of the old site was just perfect, this is all too fuzzy and bloated.

    I hope you’ll keep a page with the old layout too, shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

  22. BlackEye Says:

    New design looks like its comming from assembly line. It sucks… :-!

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