New – what features do you wish?

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44 Responses to “New – what features do you wish?”

  1. Randy Says:

    Cool idea to start a development blog.
    My suggestions:
    Enable tagging
    Create a new layout
    Add some Ajax Features
    Build a useful member area

  2. Kevin Says:

    I must say I love but would love that when you redo the site to have a special playboy section or something. Not enough Playboy Playmates……everything else is wonderful!

  3. Kevin Says:

    I must say I love but would love that when you redo the site to have a special playboy section or something. Not enough Playboy Playmates……everything else is wonderful!

  4. X-boy Says:

    hey 1st i loveeeeeeee ppl get crazy for my [ur] gr8 pix
    my suggestions:
    u gotta put ciara on the list and amerie
    u gotta put black eyed peas[make a new section called music or band or something]
    u gotta add pix of serial movies liek “joey” or something

  5. X-boy Says:

    i hope my idea works…

    u do a gr8 job guys….never stop

  6. gottago Says:

    hi there! it’s pretty sad what happened to the wallpapers, i can’t remember them having such a low blurry quality before 🙁

  7. Odin Says:

    First i have to say, taht u guys are doing a great job.

    I hope that older wallpapers with low res will updated with hi res verions, if possible.


  8. Eric Says:

    First off I have to say I’m a long time fan of the site, Thanks to my personal Wallpaper collection has reached the 10,000 mark. But lately your newly added skins kinda suck, there the same ones previously released. very basic. kinda lower quality. Would be nice to see some nice high quality images again, with some awsome looking backgrounds. Also a new section for unkown girls, where peopel can submit pics of there girlfriends and stuff like that ,. Just an idea.

  9. Muta Says:

    A faster forum thats build in the site it self and not appart

  10. Jo Juan Says:

    Well, I think SKINS.BE much better now, thanks for Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham, but I hope you put MELANIE CHISHOLM wallpaper 😆 Sometimes SKINS.BE wrong to put the model name, maybe you can make some option to correct the Right Name Model, such as ELIZABETH HARNOIS the right correct is Elisabeth Harnois, and Kimberly Davis the right correct is Kimberley Davies.

    Thanks a lot.

  11. Mellack Says:

    Great job so far guys. Your website is THE one-stop shop for quality wallpapers, and we all hope it continues to be so or years to come.

    One thing I would really like to see, as suggested by Eric, is an increase in the Unknown Babes, with opportunities for visitor uploads of their gf’s, wives, whatever (subject to QC).

    Two other things would be nice. A quick and easy Babe Suggestion Box (for those actresses/models not currently listed), and please, guys, DON’T encourage Paris Hilton. It’s the only downside to the whole site .. (*cough**skank!*). 😉

    Regards, Mellack 🙂

  12. Michael Says:

    Hmm first: I love this page really. But I must say, the advertising is unnecessary… So long I think the rest is nearly perfect for a wallpaper-site. 🙂

  13. Fox Says:

    well…first..i’d like to say how awesome is…everyone is envys me for my(ur) wide collection of celebreties..however..i must say i share the same opinion as others do..the images have recently gone down..repetative mistakes concerning names and faces and well…the ideas of sectors for music bands sounds like great too…dunno about the publish anyone’s picture thang tho…it’ll start to look like google after a u guys are doin gr8so keep up the good work..;)


  14. Fox Says:

    and one more thing…if there wud be like autobiographies of all the celebreties in the site concernin the date of their birth and bla bla bla…it wud be actually great and a wonderful addition to the site.

  15. wizard Says:

    I understand that in order to keep this site free for us, the users, certain forms of advertising have to be used. But could you please get rid of the Interstitial Ads?

    Other than that, I’m fine with the way everything else is run.

  16. Jeff Says:

    Hey guys, again, congrats on the site. I also support the ideas of more unknown babes(and the addition of uploads), playmates, and the idea of “more info” as Fox mentioned. Congrats on the only site I use for wallpapers!

  17. xmonn Says:

    Post more photos of bare feet please!!

  18. jack bauer Says:

    a search feature would be nice, plus it should not be organized into the categories of “celebrities” and “models”, it makes it confusing.

  19. louie Says:

    i think as the others this site rocks the only thing you guys should add is a suggestion box there are some real hotties you guy are missin but plenty to make up for it, peace for now, me.

  20. r1k0 Says:

    a linked section for wallpapers that are created for dual monitors would be nice.

  21. Insaniack Says:

    I aslo am a big fan of the site and my friends all like it and pic some of their fav.s out.
    One thing i would like to see is a mass download of all or like new additions… maybe like patches… i use my pix for my screensave and it would be nice to have the whole set… i am not even half way through DLing them.. i know that may be kinda hard bout would be kool.
    my fav. of the previous suggestions was the suggestion box for hotties that your site is laking

  22. christie Says:

    add some men for the ladies. I would love to have some pictures of hot male celebrities to download!

  23. Daedalus Says:

    Let me start by saying that ever since I found on the web, I’ve been a faithful visitor. Collecting wallpaper (Especially of sexy ladies 😉 is my hobby, and you have not failed me.

    I just have one request for the redesign: The site shows all wallpaper in chronological order so it’s easy to see what’s been added between one day and the next. PLEASE don’t take that away. It’s one of the big reasons I like your site – User Friendlyness.

    Other than that – Keep up the good work!

  24. john Says:

    a useful feature for people with very high-res displays would be the option to search by resolution… or perhaps, just create a page solely for the 1920×1200 wallpapers

  25. Luke Says:

    some web 2.0 functionality since this is going to be skins 2.0.

    add more variety and better quality wallpapers.

  26. Chris Says:

    Love this site! Thanks for adding lesser known hotties, like Lauren Graham. Would be great to have a requests page, if there isn’t one already. Also, would love to see Kristin Chenoweth, esp. her ne mag spread, and Kristen Bell’s new pics from a recent photo shoot. Also, where’s Michelle Williams? But keep up the good work! I come here often and I’ve been impressed with the changes.

  27. bignoog Says:

    the ‘’ label on the wallpapers at the bottom right would be better like it was earlier… changing to suit every wallpaper and positioned in discrete and artistic ways.. that was cool. The present logo looks out of place in a lot of wallpapers.

    like someone already said —> search feature … would be great..especially as your list is ever increasing!

    and the movie wallpapers collection is really sad… not many popularly liked movies but the recent trash hollywood’s been comin up with.

  28. Sn00by Says:

    Keep on working guys!
    You are doing a great job.

  29. slofiend Says:

    Love the site…thanks for the hard work and your willingness to improve it.
    I also want to suggest a “celebrity suggestion box” idea, that would be awesome.
    We need picstures of Katherine McPhee (American Idol).
    Way to go on the addition of the Jennifer Morrison pics, its about time.
    Keep it up.

  30. Schlonz Says:

    You must put more German Celebs wallpaper

  31. -V- Says:

    As we can see.. already has PopUp’s
    Dude.. If there’s PopUp’s.. Ur gonna loose a Lot of visitors..
    Usually if I see a popUp.. I will close the site in a second..

  32. -V- Says:

    and ppl.. this is not a Babe Request Section.. Go to Forum..

  33. martin Says:

    You have really great pictures.
    The only thing I would improve is the way you index them, for example, first picture should be named: name_resolution_01.jpg, next name_resolution_02.jpg and so on. If I would like to download all pictures of some, lets say, acterss: all I have to do is check name of the first and last picture, and write:

    for i in seq 1
    wget http://….._$1.jpg

    nice, clean and fast.
    Using such code nowdays will make a big mass in your http serwer log because lots of requests will fail.

    Another way to solve this is to allow directory listing, but probably you have some security reasons because of which you disallow listing now 😉

    thanks for your job

  34. Shahid Says:

    I am delighted to see that much ideas and comments, and feel very little, timid among these huge ideas and comments but i want my name listed too; so i am writing my opinion too. I guess you should add more options other than just two options celebrity and models. Like singers as Britney Spears, Mariah Carrey etc. You have mixed them with models, some one may be lost in this huge site. And I want you to make a Search option, so that one may find his celebrity or model’s pictures easily, without wasting his time. Thanks.

  35. Eric Says:

    I could do without the bikes, Cars and movies Wallpaper Sections. Just the babes, and more of em. turf the popups, there annoying. even with a popup blocker I still get em. And what about an email notification for certain babes. where you can choose to get notified when new skins are added for one babe or another.

    An option to download all the wallpapers of just 1 Celeb or model, all at once. now that would be sweet.

  36. Josh Says:

    add a link to each picture to download a zip file of ALL the resolutions available for that picture…. i use some on my smaller laptop screen and others on my big PC and it’s really annoying to always have to click the different pictures to get all the sizes i may end up wanting.

    love the site btw

  37. murfee Says:

    I must say that is the best website of wallpapers. I m a long time fan of it and visit it almost daily for new updates. The reason I like it the most is becuz it’s very simple and well organised. My suggestion is to add a male celebrity portion to the website to make it a perfect choice. and also the movie wallpaper collection is quite small. add some more to movies. and for my personal interest add some more wallpapers of Cameron Diaz.

  38. ghdfghdfgh & ghjghjg Says:

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    f\’\’ fg\”\”\”

  39. Sofus Says:

    You have listed Famke Janssen under Unknown Babes 22804.
    …this is the best wallpaper site on the internet! 😀

  40. kees Says:

    I am a bit disturbed by the porno links on the website lately, If you wants advertisement on your website maybe advertise with something else.

    What feature i would like to see? I would like to be able to download all wallpapers at once from a babe or celeb, that would be awesome!

  41. kees Says:

    o yeah one more thing… Like a user mentioned before, dual monitor wallpapers would be awesome!!!

  42. Rodrigo Says:

    We need:

    Katherine McPhee
    Hilary Swank
    More 1680×1050 For us Widescreen users!

    And a search engine where we can show only the wallpapers for our resolution, etc.

  43. erik Says:

    Keep it simple… People with slow internet will find it harder to search for pics if the website is loaded with flash and stuff.

  44. mothana Says:


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