Once again… I need your help…

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31 Responses to “Once again… I need your help…”

  1. Ronnie Says:

    I don’t know her name but surely she has the cutest butt!

  2. Santus Says:

    It’s Carolina Ardohain also known as “Pampita” and she is from Spain.

  3. celehahn Says:

    yep its Carolina Ardohain

  4. theman Says:

    she’s pampita, but she is from argentina.

  5. Henry Says:

    She is Carolina Ardohain, is a argentinian model know as “Pampita” because born in La Pampa.This is the final true

  6. rich Says:

    it is pampita

  7. Argento! Says:


    or, Carolina Ardohain, she is from Argentina, “argentinian meat” 😉

  8. Amourilyo Says:

    Hot Hot Hot Carol!na Ardoha!n (l)

  9. spod Says:

    she’s pampita look here same image http://www.pampitaweb.com/wallpapers/14.jpg

  10. Argento! Says:

    Dude.. we are waiting.. well.. I am waiting. xD

    The quality of YOUR wallpapers are the best i ever seen..

    – Sorry for my VERY bad english.. =(

  11. Tyler (IT) Says:

    Well finally!!!!!!!!!!!
    She’s Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain
    I’m sure!
    She’s fantastic!

  12. Fedex Says:

    Man, you dont know nothing about her!!!
    She is not from Spain, she is from Argentina, the best womens on Earth!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Argento! Says:

    Who said that she is from Spain?? WTF?!
    Check this links n stfu! pls! X(


    STFU, OK??? X(
    Listen, you are confused because she She lead a TV Program in Spain, NOTHING else..

    I repeat, STFU! if you don’t now what u are talking about..

    Whatever.. how long must we wait for da wallpapers? ^^

    -Srry for my VERY bad english.-


  14. Ivhgnas Says:

    she`s Pampita(Carolina Ardohain ) for sure, located at http://www.pampita.com,cooooooll…………….

  15. Eric Says:

    aiii ke yegua pror dioooooosssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lla parto en 8

  16. gennaro Says:

    the girl in question, is alessia fabiani, very big prostitute italian,no artistic quality very very mignotta

  17. CJ Says:

    thus girl is katja Schuurman of holland an movie star (in holland)

  18. joaco Says:

    Prostitute?????? spain??????? no, men, she’s pampita,an argentinian goddes. But she has a husband ‘n a son. sorryyyyy……

  19. Carlos Gardel Says:

    Sorry but you´re all wrong.
    Her name is Pampita, ok.
    But she is not argentinian.
    She was born in Tacuarembó URUGUAY.
    So she is uruguayan, the more beautiful woman in the universe!
    Bye, thanks!

  20. alejandro garcia Says:

    hola como andas espero que bien primero te felisito por el bebe y quereia tambien decirte que sos la chica mas linda de la argentina y que por favor sigas dandonos ese paisaje tan hermoso que nos das en la pasarela bueno espero que me contestes te aprecia mucho alejandro garcias chauuu pampita

  21. onuris Says:

    es la mujer de mis sueños ..con ella me casaria y no lopensaria dos veses.
    cuando la veo en la tv, me pasan cosa q ni yo ouedo explicar …megusta mucho..
    ojala pudiera conocerla en persona ..me conformo con solo tocarla o abrasarla…..

  22. djcuco Says:

    ola soy dj cuco hardcore

  23. nick Says:

    neuken met je

  24. manuelcore Says:

    she is carolina ardohain, she was born in la pampa, argentina, so she is an argentinian model, she is the most beautifull girl in the world, she has the best ass, and her tits are delicious!!!!!


  25. juampa Says:


  26. Paulo Says:

    She is “pampita” from Argentina.

  27. julian Says:

    dame tu msn pampita asi de re cojo despues

  28. poison Says:

    shes is pampita, she is not from uruguay, she is from argentina, and i am argentinien so u cant tell me she isnt.

  29. rodri Says:

    jajajaja, pampita es argentina carajo, viva la patria! y viva la garcha que le metería a pampita hasta hacerla llorar de placer vaginal!! que se mee encima la guacha!!

  30. Jeffrey Says:

    OMG im so horny can i have sex with you

  31. Gokhan Says:

    Franchement je la trouve superbe, il n’y a rien à dire, superbe…

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