Randi Ingerman or Monica Bellucci???

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42 Responses to “Randi Ingerman or Monica Bellucci???”

  1. kees Says:

    its monica belluci 100% sure

  2. dante Says:

    It’s Randi Ingerman
    in this image she has the same flowery type things in her hair as the wallpaper posted

  3. Huhu Says:

    here is the answer !


    Bye !

  4. Syryos Says:

    this is the beautiful back of Randy!
    look here: http://www.allcelebrity.it/Ingerman/foto2.htm

  5. Bruno Says:

    where are the photos of Rihanna?
    she is a pretty girl ;D

  6. Michael Says:

    Monica Belluci – This photo is a few years old and it was Monica then and I’m kinda sure it still is….. ;o)

  7. Naj Says:

    But what about this Link??? The first picture is the “piece of evidence”… :o)

  8. Dr No Says:

    No. This is Randi Ingerman not Monica Bellucci!
    Compare: http://www.allcelebrity.it/Ingerman/46.jpg (and http://www.allcelebrity.it/Ingerman/foto2.htm)
    A pic. of calendar from 2003/2004.

  9. phaser Says:

    Surely It’s Ingerman: http://www.allcelebrity.it/Ingerman/foto3.htm

  10. amar.neo Says:

    its monica belluci 100% sure

  11. Bowman Says:

    monica belluci for sure man! im neo, i prawn you all fr33bs!

  12. Skins.be Junk Says:

    And how you could explain the Link of Naj..? I think she is Randi Ingerman! Check the links, guys… ;o)

  13. samsk Says:

    This is Randi Ingerman, there is no doubt. Compare these Links:


  14. Rich Says:

    deffo monica, sweet sweet ass

  15. jack Says:

    definitely Monica

  16. airgun Says:

    This is Randi Ingerman! See…
    and http://www.allcelebrity.it/Ingerman/foto2.htm

  17. Blackfly Says:

    It’s not Monica, if you look at what google finds there are pictures of Randi on a boat. And the first picture is the same as we have here and it shows her also on that boat.

  18. Imaginus Says:

    Sorry it’s not Monica Bellucci. It’s Randi on a boat. 😉

  19. kees Says:

    this link might aswell prove it http://www.ascrocco.it/home/gratis/calendari/randi_ingerman_04.htm

    Its the randi ingerman calender, look at december…. i hate to admit but i was wrong! hehe

  20. kees Says:

    somehow my other message didnt came trough, but if you look in the google links under randi ingerman calender you see that the december photo is this photo. I guess i was wrong, so its indeed randi ingerman.

  21. mersa Says:

    Monica Bellucci!

  22. Jason X Says:


  23. love_leeloo Says:

    yes it’s Randy
    look at this picture
    it’s the same flowers, etc…


  24. LucySky Says:

    No its Jenna Jameson – one of her earlier shots.

  25. Jr. Says:

    Randi Ingerman is the best. 100% real woman

  26. Amourilyo Says:

    B!ensure C’est Mon!ca Bellucc! ….

  27. Saint Andrés Says:

    For me she’s Monica Bellucci….

  28. havok Says:

    sorry guys but it’s Randi

  29. Tyler (IT) Says:

    It’s Randi Ingerman, i’m sure because i have got this calendar

  30. clooby Says:

    This definitely Monica Bellucci. I studied the entire physiognamy of her in this photo with other pics of Monica and everything from the ears, shoulder blades and profile is identical to Monica.
    It doesn’t look like randi at all from those photos on the boat because she is wearing a totally different swimsuit in the boat shots.
    This absolutely a picture of Monica. Hands down.

  31. ramon Says:

    she is monica bellucci guys!!! look closer!!

  32. Bomben Says:

    People keep cliaming its Monica Bellucci mut be trolling or morons. Tons of posts here, pointing to Randi Ingermans calendar. There can be no doubt.

  33. Stijn Says:

    This is definitely Randi Ingerman. Bellucci has a different figure, and you can see at her face that it’s not Monica.

  34. randi ingerman Says:

    it’s definately me!!!! i am randi ingerman and this is a photo from my 2004 calender from capital magazine in italy. thanks for your interest. what a compliment. monica is hot

  35. Holly Says:

    This is definitely not Monica. I’d know her face anywhere, and while Randi Ingerman is gorgeous, they have different eyes. Very similar look…lucky Randi! But nope, this is not Monica. I’d know her anywhere. 🙂

  36. shoobah Says:

    Hey, that’s my sister!

  37. Krishna Says:

    It’s Randi of course.

  38. ItalianMan Says:

    Hello guys!
    She’s Randy Ingerman, 100% guaranteed!

  39. resp Says:

    it´s randy, look here: http://www.clasno.com/gallery/Randi_Ingerman/Randi_Ingerman_002.jpg

  40. Palgie Says:

    100% randi, Randi Wears a ring on the same finger in all her photoshoots, Monica does not, Although it does look very similar to Monica its not.

  41. Monkfish Says:

    It’s Randi. I have to assume that the guys that are putting up the “it’s Monica” posts aren’t looking at the links or just trying to keep the going by tossing in a monkey wrench. Always guys posting non-sense on internet boards.

    The real point here is that they are both insanely hot. I was unaware of Randi untill this post and really appreciate all the links to her pics. Just stunning.

  42. david charles Says:

    Thats randi,shes freakin smokin.

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