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43 Responses to “random thumbnails”

  1. Scorp Says:

    I usually get only the latest wallpapers, the panel on the right kills only my 56k ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. wizard Says:

    I use them. It’s a good way to “discover” new girls…

  3. b0bble Says:

    I use the panel, occasionally a wall will catch my attention that I’ve not already downloaded or have missed. Worthy of keeping I’d say.

  4. np.fan Says:

    I don’t use them, therefore I set the count of pictures to the minimum of 4

    I just want to have a look at the new ones

  5. marcello Says:

    i always use them and i discovered alot of new girls with it…the only problem is that its so time killing…you see a hot pic then you want see more of the girl then there new thumbnails again with new hot wallpapers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. killadonut Says:

    I used to love that feature. I have discovered quite a few models/celebrities that I have never heard of.

    But ever since the AFF ads appeared, I stopped using that feature. There have been multiple times when I meant to click on the wallpapers but instead clicked on those ads. Don’t want to ever do that again, so stopped using that feature.

    I would personally like to see that feature return but with some improvements.

  7. Stig Jรธrgensen Says:

    Its a shame it opens in 1024×768 and not the resolution that you want. Imo there should be an option that enabled you to open the random thumbs in . Eg 1650*1040 for me.

  8. kees Says:

    i always use it, its just a pitty that it opens at 1024×768, so everytime i have to change the resolution to 1280×1024, maybe you should allow people that login to set a standard resolution

  9. KDB Says:

    It’s was really helpful when I first discovered Skins.de. It helped be discover plenty of new girls, and even though I’ve been a regular visiter for a while it still shows me a great unknown wallpaper every now and again.

    I say keep it. Maybe put in an option for registered users to turn it on/off.

  10. Mike Says:

    I like the thumbs. As the others have said, I occasionally find a pic that I missed of an actress I like.
    I hated them back when I was on dialup, though.

  11. np.fan Says:

    I agree with KDB, it would be nice if members were able to switch on/off the random pics

  12. Pascal Says:


    I use it all the time.. it’s much easer and fasten for finding the right image than clicking blind on names..

    make a page for it.. with more random images, like 15 or more

    Would be great!!

  13. Franco Says:

    I use it all the time. Its a great way to discover pictures!

  14. mersa Says:

    Keep that function!

  15. R/\/\C Says:

    Those tumbnails are really good coz got to know abt pics havent seen b4.Should keep them.

  16. Snowblind199 Says:

    I love that sidebar, it’s gotten America through some hard times…

    but really, like marcello said, I’ve discovered some great new desktops because of it, I say keep it

  17. HighOctaneTT Says:

    I glance at it every visit and use it if there’s something I like.

  18. Tyler (IT) Says:

    I use it all the time.
    it’ s good for old image

  19. petey Says:

    Keep it.

  20. Jo Juan Says:

    I use the random wallpapers… it’s very helpful for find old wallpapers… the new babes… so much helpful…

  21. Jackal Says:

    100% leave them ! => its cool!

  22. RedPariah Says:

    I use the thumbnails almost everytime I visit – and would have missed out on learning of some hot women – please keep them!

  23. gRuNt Says:

    I say keep it, yes it is slows down the loading of the site(darn 56k), but as other people it helped me dicover new celebs that I like. So I vote keep it in Skins.be 2.0v !

  24. Amourilyo Says:

    !t’z Noob !mportant Cuz Most Ppl Gettin’ The Last Sk!ns .. Me ! Only Notice BLACK & WHA!TE Skins …….

  25. littlebluepixle Says:

    Definitly keep it. I’m alway’s surfing around different pages all starting from the random images.

  26. Red Says:

    Definately keep them! I usually find nice pics through them

  27. Ben Says:

    I Use those thumbnails every day, and its easier to find new wallpapers on that way. the best thing is, that they’re automatically in my resolution, just with one click (1200 x 1000)! Nice Job, Guys!

  28. TopBin Says:

    I definitely think you should keep them on there. As most people have said, it’s a good way to find old gems etc.

  29. ricky Says:

    I need those pictures on the right because they really keep my dick hard. Without them it would be a lot harder to jerk off to less thumbnails. ===D–=;

  30. syndikatt Says:

    Please keep the random thumbnails. I’ve downloaded many worthwhile pics I never would have known about otherwise.

  31. xtrafun Says:

    I like these thumbnails very much, cause it is the best way to discover new girls. Please keep them

  32. aX3L Says:

    Pues yo si las uso y me parece muy bien x k asi descubro nuevos walls ke de otra manera no podria darme cuenta

  33. Jonas Says:

    I think it’s a great way to discover new babes! But it’s not that important, I would miss it if it’s not on the new site but I wouldn’t cry over it ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Mike Says:

    The thumbnails are great don’t get rid of them

  35. Jo Juan Says:

    Keep them.

    It very help me to find missing babes.

  36. Mohamed El-Ghandour Says:

    I look at it briefly whenever I visit,

    Please keep it, it helps me discover NEW wallpapers

  37. frop Says:

    2 words: referer logs.

  38. Alexey Says:

    Thanks, theme very interesting

  39. zafar Says:

    random thumbnails feature is helpful and gives surprise walls.
    i am Agree with kees.

  40. Pharaoh Says:

    i NEVER click on the side links because the last time i did, i managed to get about 43 spyware files and about 15 viruses….yes…i got them here…from one simple click…Ive been coming to this site for years now, and never had this problem until recently…so there ARE no side links as far as im concerned…

  41. jayc Says:

    KEEP THE RANDOM THUMBNAILS! Excellent way to find new desktops. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. valetntino Says:

    it’s definitely a keeper !!!

  43. skins.be user guy Says:

    I like using the thumbnails. I like the randomness it generates because alot of times you may not know a girls name but the pictures tell everything. I have found out many new beatiful girls this way. I do want to comment on the fact that it used to be only a few pages but now it is too many pages to go thru. I would shorten the amount of pages but incresse the randomness if possble (on a bi-daily basis).

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