safe for work – nudity on skins?

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36 Responses to “safe for work – nudity on skins?”

  1. Chaz Says:

    I’ve never tried to access from work, so I don’t know if I can or if Websense would block it. I probably never would anyway because calling up sexy pics of hot women (clothed or nude) would be severely frowned upon if I got caught.

    In the end, I am happy just coming to the site when I am at home and not trying to get one while I am at work.

    To answer the question, “how does your company define โ€˜nudityโ€™ or the kind of site that youโ€™re still allowed to surf while at your job?”:

    1) I am sure that the company I work for would define nudity in the strictest, most politically correct sense. The practical definition of that means that it is accpetable for a female employee to post half naked pictures of male models, actors and singers on the walls of their cubicles, but if I put up a tasteful picture of Carmen Electra in an elegant dress, like this and someone complained, I could get written up and be forced to take the picture down.

    2) Techincally, no one where I work is suposed to be out on the net anywhere except the company site, but everyone does it so not too much is said. There is software installed on the computer systems that blocks out any site that is considered a site with adult content, an entertainment site, gambling/state lottery site, mp3 download site, etc. You can, however, check your e-mail, read and post to certain forum sites and blogs, google search, any kind of bland, “innocent” site is allowed.

  2. RKV Says: is not safe for work, thanks for its porn ads!

  3. kees Says:

    absolutly not safe, thanks to the adultfinder ads

  4. Mike Says:

    I’ve always worked at pretty relaxed companies, so it’s not a big deal for me. Also, my monitors are facing away from the hall, so no one can accidentally see my wallpaper ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Who the hell sees ads anymore? Use an ad blocker or a Firefox extension like AdBlock/FlashBlock.

  5. Franco Says:

    I always surf porn at work, I live dangerously

  6. peach Says:

    Mike, most people don’t use ad blockers, and if the amount of people using adblock becomes so large that webmasters see their earnings go to hell, adblockers will be blocked.

  7. Dazman Says:

    i think that it’s safer and better if remain “not porn” ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Sarath Says:

    If the porn ads are not there then the site is excellent

  9. sxl Says:

    2bad that those ugly porn adds started to appear on the the site. it’s lost 50% of it’s charm…

    btw. i wouldn’t consider any job a good one, if anyone in the office let me watch chicks instead of working… stupid question as 4 me

  10. RKV Says:

    I’m happy that the Porn ads are OFF!!!

  11. HighOctaneTT Says:

    I surf Skins at work all the time, the nudity isn’t an issue.

  12. Loz Says:

    I think its safe to say its not safe to surf this page at work, although it has a huge list of pics at a variety of sizes, the ads and nudity isnt suitable for that environment.

    I’m not complaining about the nudity :P, just means i surf it at home only.

  13. Scorp Says:

    I think that the only suitable ads for this site would be the google adsense…

  14. coldturkey Says:

    The ads doesn’t imply that much, those ads probably keep the site alove, I don’t know but that’s how I feel. It’s necessary…
    And yes, it is safe for work ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Amourilyo Says:

    Neva M!nd

  16. D Says:

    for those of you who are being persecuted with web filtering, feel free to use my web-based proxy @

    feel free to join us @ our forums @ also. ty

  17. douglas Says:


    where areee???????

  18. shmatt Says:

    D — thank you so much for posting your proxy address. That is a huge help.

  19. Tazman Says:

    I think that porn wallpapers can be a good job. But not aside the current normal/erotic ones. I suggest to use something like google AdSence not the actual AdultFriendFinder ones. are not the same like few months before…

  20. syndikatt Says:

    Forget about “Not Safe For Work”..for me, I’ve been able to surf the site less and less because thanks to the Adult Friendfinder ads, it’s Not Safe For Home! My wife will start asking me uncomfortable questions if she sees me staring at a page full of half-naked chicks advertising that they live near my town.

    Dump the friendfinder ads would be my advice. Go with Google Adsense or something else that could be considered tasteful.

  21. gamekid Says:

    “Go with Google Adsense or something else that could be considered tasteful.”

    I second that.

  22. aaronu Says:

    I used to use skins all the time but it became too dirty for me with all the porn ads – keep skins as cleans as we can please, I love the fact that there are such quality images on here and it is refreshing that you can come somewhere where porn isnt the main focus. I believe that there is obviously an audience for clean imagery and plenty of other sites out there that are not clean so let people who want that go to those sites, lets have a place that quality imagery is the focus without the need to sexualy excite!

  23. gopesh Says:

    pls, mail me diff. wallpaper
    of celebs.

  24. gopesh Says:

    my e-mail is

  25. pup Says:

    You can’t block an adblocker such as Firefox’s adblock extension. So good luck with that. When teamed with the auto update extension, its the greatest coupling since.. since… PB and J.

    I however vote for no “nudes”.. there’s a million places to get that stuff.. I come here for the “classy” pictures.

  26. Meta_Ridley89 Says:

    What problems with nudity? Nothing. It’s just like liberty. Some people like this. Not porn but soft nudity. Only this.

  27. llvllax Says:

    If you are thinking about getting into showing nude pics, of any kind, maybe you could set it up like these folks, & give everyone visiting the website their choice of weather to keep going & see the nude pic. (And of course for the ditzy people who cruise the net, you could also mark them nsfw, or not) Check these folk’s set-up: Good Luck! (And don’t forget about those lousy disclaimers) lol ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. JMB Says:

    It’s safe for work because I’m the Admin here ๐Ÿ™‚

    Greetings from Germany an thx for these wonderfull Site.

  29. Dave Says:

    No adultfinder ads (they suck). But nudity on the wallpapers is fine imo. There used to be nudity on the ‘old’’ didn’t there?

  30. dav Says:

    NO NUDE . Just simple as that . People came here they like it . The rest , go to some other’s porno site . That it !

  31. Dave Says:

    Nothing wrong with boobs, just looka t some of the older wallpapers – some great ones which unfortunately are stuck at non-WS resolutions. Uh slightly off-topic there but the pics here are mostly models/celebs etc, not porno stars. Nudity (breasts) is fine imo as it always looks (or looked) fine before nudity was removed.

  32. hello Says:


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  34. R/\/\C Says:

    Oh come on man….just stop those porn adds…
    And i think it is a site related to celebrities & there is no
    need to have Pornstars among that list…there r sooooo
    many other sites for pornstar pics…Keep only
    for celebrities…

  35. Iceseven Says:

    At my company, they block If you’re gonna browse the site, there’s just a big “FORBIDDEN” showing up…

    Internet-Policy: Nudity is ok, but not porn. How they define nudity? Don’t know. Since they block, I guess every nipple counts as porn.

  36. cyprinid Says:

    It comes down to this at work. If someone wants to get you fired badly enough, they will use whatever ammunition they can to accomplish the goal……..even if a skirt is a bit revealing it can be twisted into “smut” by the wrong people…………

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