is live now!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was really shocked, because I did not like it at all 🙁

    Negative points:

    – pink layout
    – only 2 visible recent additios (or wait, the rest is below?)
    – too busy layout
    – the way the babes are catalogued, it was perfect on the previous skins, now it is not
    – the buttons are horrible

    Just had to rant, because I really adore the skins page now, and all the goodness got smashed… a real pitty…

  2. Moritz Sutter Says:

    I hate the new Page. The older (normal) version is much better. Its easier to find the girls on the normal page.

    The color makes me crying! What the hell is going on! Take this color for another page, maybe for girls!

    Please don’t take the new one!

    Greets Momo

  3. gRuNt Says:


    That was my first impresion, second was that the site is no longer simple and clean 🙁 You have too many things on the main page making things more confusing. And you took out the size info from the walls and I really liked that feature. There are some good things about it but the bad I just easier to spot 🙁

  4. Foxy Says:

    Well, the pink, its the first thing u can see.

    second of all, the way the babes names are listen horizontally which makes it harder to look for them…and models and celebs got mixed…more names to search in…kinda confusing..i agree with everyone about the whole load of things on the page…i dunno where to look 🙁


  5. madox Says:

    Yes guys! I love the new look and thank you for that great work! Go on doing that great job…

  6. Eddie Says:

    Oh my goodness!!! The new page is absolutely terrible!!! Please I beg you keep the old page, I don’t see why you should make a new page that is so pink, user-unfriendly and horrible…!!!

    I loved the fact that the names of all beautiful women alive were listed on the left side of the old page… brilliant idea, sometimes I don’t know who I’m looking for and I quickly go through the names and find a name I knew 10 years ago and click on it!

  7. Eddie Says:

    One thing I forgot to mention: The biggest advantage of the old site was “simplicity”. All other similar sites lack this massive advantage, and with the new site, this advantage no longer exists

  8. thomas Says:

    Oh my god. Did you run the site through a Barbiefier? IT looks horrible. Its hard to read text due to the bad choice of colors, too.

    all in all. If the old site was a 100, the new would be a 20 (What good is great content, when its a bitch to find it?)

  9. Adam Says:

    Pros: Its looks more advanced

    -Pink, eww and weird layout
    -Its much slower now, takes 30+ secs to load any page, main site is still fast
    -Simple was the other site, this is much harder to get around
    -I liked the showing many recent additions on the main babe page (which is the link I bookmark and never visit any other pages)
    -Just leave it as it was, I want the most possible information in one spot and that’s exactly the way the current main page is, just leave it alone please.

  10. zero9ine Says:

    Not bad looks more modern, colours are complementary to each other (based on a colour wheel) but the things I noticed were:

    – Overall imagery, certain fonts are a bit big and clunky e.g the header menu, those ‘user tags’ when you view a certain woman are pretty over powering in size

    – Perhaps on the full list of women you could put a quick link to the Alphabetised sections at the top so the user doesn’t have to scroll through pages to get to a letter.

    Its good how the list of women are across the page rather than down to minimise the list and the pages height / scrolling.

    – Like the RSS feeds.

    I didnt have much of a problem with speed personally, but if you want to speed things up avoid using images for certain parts that dont need it too much like the “overview, walls & pics, biography, tags” since they look a bit tacky in a way and a simple coloured text link would suffice.

    I dont mind the colour scheme but if you get many complaints – blue is usually the most easy colour to use since its more soothing and “safe” than more vibrant choices.


    -// zero9ine

  11. Matt Says:

    HATE IT!

    *Pink layout is horrid
    *WAY too “busy”
    *Too much crap at the top of each wallpaper’s page..there’s like 300 pixels worth of wasted space with the add and new header/banner/whatever
    *Main list page is too busy also, I much prefer the simplistic style of the old/current site

    *Please GOD, don’t let this be implemented. It’s terrible! Leave it white and simple like it is now.

  12. Haz Says:

    I’m afraid to say I do not approve of the new site at all, the original site is much preferred.

    My main problem with the beta version is the layout, lack of navigation is not the problem; but too much of it is – links everywhere! Simple makes it so much more user friendly and great to check out browse for a new, interesting (naked) background.

    Leave it as it is!

  13. Jens Says:

    Is it April 1st yet?

    This layout is an abomination. An insult. A trainwreck.

    I won’t bother addressing the problems in order, because the layout should just be tossed in the bin, and rebuilt from scratch.

    One thing that annoys me with both the proposed design and the current one is the amount of additional content present when viewing an image. When I click an image, I want to see just the image. Any additional content is noise.

  14. Twylight Says:

    This new layout is really sucks. its way to full with all kind of crap.

  15. Bowser Says:

    + design/style
    + used techniques (css/ajax/rss etc.)

    +/- user tags: allowing resolutions and dates as tags is useless and annoying imho.

    – colors
    – layout is too busy

  16. Miguel Diaz Says:

    Less is more.

  17. medKing (see forum) Says:

    I’d liked to feedback in the forum but I have some problems with connection on it (and I don’t know why ?) )

    Well, I think that owner made some changes in the last three days. For me, I didn’t like much the new graphic.

    1- The first point is that fonts are too big, much big and I think that is a desagreable point.
    2- I like the dark colors and some nice combinaison, but, here, I didn’t like at all pink-blue combinaison and I see that disturb eyes.
    3- I miss the size (KB) of pictures and it disturb me because I like to know the size of each resolution, even in the download page.
    4- Last update page and browse page: previews are a little big for a vertical presentation.
    5- Download page: the only thing that I like is the presentation of resolution, your resolution, wallpaper, only; the other: no.
    6- User tag and most popular on why too big fonts (huge) with not understanding data (dates, …).
    7- I miss also, the list of babes of the left.
    8- Effects made for previews are debatable.
    9- Layout: minimized letter (on home faq …) is also debatable and another style is better; I still wait the new picture of “” but in general, averge. I think that owner want with such layout, like you surf on one site between wallpapers, forum, blog, upload, …

    That’s only a part of my point of view.

    I have a question and thanks for answering: are persons who started still exist now?

    I have some ideas but I won’t post them. Finally, I’m only a user from a million.

  18. 940turbo Says:

    Well I like the new site, the pink is not my favourite though.
    It looks new and fresh. I really think its good looking.

    But I have to admit that I love the simple look of the old site better 😉

  19. scandinavu Says:

    horrible….no style at all

  20. Hiran Perera Says:

    I don’t have any major issues ____Except the user upload gallery, its absolutely useless. For one thing 95% of the pictures are junk. the one thing i really liked about skins was the quality pictures that were on the site, 90% of these user uploaded pics in the gallery are for one not actually label or linked to the models, 2 at least half of them are like paparazzi shots, 3 the other half are a slight alteration of a pose, basically the same image, its such a waste of space. You have to go through pages and pages to find decent images.

    really not impressed by that at all, far more satisfied with the old site thus far.

  21. Hiran Perera Says:

    Oh one more thing, why are people uploading pictures of guys, rappers, and other random – note ‘babe’ things?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Hiran Perera: why don’t you ask the uploaders?

  23. gRuNt Says:

    To Hiran Perera

    Dude it’s USER uploads ! doesn’t control what is uploaded (at least not much 😉 ) and that is GOOD, I personally found some amazing pics that were uploaded about other users of So I and many others like that feature, and contrary to you me and many others don’t like the new version(of the site) that much. So I guess you are really standing out 😛

  24. Phil Says:

    The new site is awful. The best thing about the old site was it was so so easy to get access to a huge database of fantastic wallpapers. What is the point in making a new user unfriendly, PINK site when the old one is so great. This blog alone should force you to reconsider even going ahead with the new site with so many positive comments about the old one and so many negative ones about this new site. Plus its a whole 3 characters more to type to get to the site. unbelievable!!! lol

  25. sarp Says:


  26. 2007 Says:

    Pink is not the new cool. The person(s) that chose pink in the IT Department should be let go. The design and structure of the site is a mess. The site is all over-the-place. It’s overcrowded, and overwhelming. Needs to be toned down, with simpler access to the celebs and so forth. The site needs to have a user-friendly feel to it.. right now as it stands, it’s scaring people like myself away. Please do whatever you can to fix this 🙂

  27. Jordan Says:

    I really hate the new design, I have come to this site almost every day for a couple years, but if I am forced to go to this new design I may find a new site.

    The pink is so horrible, the green link color is horrible, the layout is confusing and mismashed, the tags thing is useless, not having all the wallpaper babes on one page sucks.

    Ugh, I am so dissapointed.

  28. Franciscus Says:

    I hate to say (because obviously alot of work went in making the new site), but I find the new design horrible… Much like Jordan, visiting was one of my (almost) daily habits the past few years. If the new design goes on, well, that probably means one habit less for me.

    The colors and layout are horrible, and it’s much too messy and crowded and filled with extras and stuff and things nobody needs. It’s the simplicity that made the old so hot. I’d say stick with it.

    I’m very dissapointed.

  29. banana Says:

    one can see that much time was spent on the development of the new version…but i am sorry, its a version one can hardly get accustomed to. i dont mind the layout itself, but the structure is horrible. the way to get to the site´s content is too long and too confusing, the old layout on the other hand was clearly arranged. there are a lot of useless and confusing features which make tat impression worse. i like both designs as i said, but i would absolutely prefer the old structure and would put this website as my favourite wallpaper-source into question if “skins beta” becomes the regular outfit of

  30. LeStat Says:

    i have to agree with 90% of the people that submitted a Comment.
    The older version is much better then the new layout. On the old layout you could easley find what you where looking for. On the beta you actually have to go and search for it. THE PINKS GOTTA GO.
    Yeah it’s all femaleish and stuff but really…….

    At the end i know this is still the best site for really amazing Wallpapers.


  31. R/\/\C Says:

    first…the layout is really bad…looks too messy, whereas the previous layout was really good & simple.
    second…the colour used was too shocking….i mean pink can be used…but the Shade used is looking so awkward…
    third…font size is too big…

  32. fastyak Says:

    Sorry guys, but the new layout looks totaly crap compared to the old one. Why dont you just leave the site as it was and implement a couple of new features within it?

  33. Foxy Says:

    First off, id like to say that any work the creators of the new skins look had done is deeply appreciated, one look and u know they spent more than some time workin on it, HOWEVER, pink is not wat i would label as the number 1 eye friendly colour, i get on almost every chance i got to sit on my pc, its my homepage, wat first attracted me to it was how amazingly simple it was, u could find everything u wud need in one page that doesnt take much at all to load, all the babes names were neatly listed in a coloumn for u to choose, not to mention that the pic size in kb’s was also written next to each resolution

    On the new look, it took me 4 pages to load and a couple of other links to find keeley hazell’s page, i mean..DAMN..old site, one click and ur in to the girl, now the beta thing is waaay too crowded.

    Developers have done an amazing job, just did some poor choices that dont level up to everyone who uses this amazing site, but still, they are who keep brining us amazing pics everyday 🙂

    keep up the good work,


  34. Anonymous Says:

    I have tried both versions, but find myself always prefering the classic version since its simple to use and you feel you are in control of where you are in the site. I have tried using the new one a few times, and its nice with the ajax stuff and the larger pictures, but the older version gives a much better overview and navigation options imo.

    I still prefer the old version. Nothing wrong with the new versions graphics, thats fine, but its just more time consuming to use.. more clicks, more back and forth all the time.

  35. Someone Says:


    I like the new layout, it’s a really nice rip-off from
    Great work!

    (You had better copied the black version from the layout)

  36. AJ Says:

    Well, there’s nothing that hasn’t already been said, but:
    I don’t like it.
    Painful to look at, confusing to get around, the old one was simple and straight forward.

    Either leave the old one as is, or if you must redesign… really consider what makes the old design good and keep focused on those points. Either way, throw this new version away.

  37. Biignoog Says:

    Yeah the new layout is bad… but when i try to access the regular skins (old layout) page im getting a lot of popups from my mcafee firewall saying that some of the scripts running in the background such as ‘Psyme’ and ‘Exploitcoresrvcs’ are trojans or viruses… and then the browser hangs up and crashes… this only happens with and I’ve tried this with both IE and Firefox. Also I’ve been coming here for a long, long time and this only started recently. Could you please shed some light on this..?

    please email me back as I might have trouble accessing the website or the blog later…


  38. Shaun Says:

    Great start on the beta i think its getting more user friendly for the stupid people on the internet who don’t see stuff like many people.. 😛 only suggestion i could make would be to:

    * change the colours.
    * minor adjustments on the layout.

  39. xeno Says:

    The design is absolutly horrible.
    All babes on horizontal text? unreadable
    The page is way to crowded aswell and the pink looks awfull, i assume most visitors are male so why a pink color?
    I like the old much more

  40. exupery Says:

    there is some kind of a bug on the new pages.
    i am not able to view the wallpapers as klicking on any link will only open an empty page.

    i am using FF2.0.0.1 with ubuntu
    Don’t know if it is only with linux or also with other OS

  41. Lost Says:

    You failed.

    – Its pink
    – There is a huge difference between models and celebs
    – It looks like a porn site with all the adult ads on it. I don’t consider the current as “porn” more so a model site
    – the key site navigation is all pictures and no text until you hover and wait
    – The user uploaded pics on the front page:

    Don’t put something on the front page that users can directly modify! On top of that, its all porn which is not what the site should be about
    – I think your features are good such as the voting, last added is more accessible, rss,
    – Links dont work as: I get a blank page

    Its bad enough wives looking over their husbands shoulders shaking their head as they admire their favorite actors, but you’ve crossed the line, its just another porn site now.

    I think the full list of models down the left of your old site gives you better search engine results.

    Looking at the polls you’ve got people supporting it but I don’t see many posts about it here. There is a stronger protest to kill it. Please don’t implement it.

  42. TEnsor Says:

    I think this new site will spoil it all… The design is more klunky than funky…
    what should be kept in mind:
    – the color: pleeeease!
    – lay-out: it’s not easy anymore for a relax view…
    – design: messed up… small and simple was excellent!

    No offence, just my opinion… and an opinion to each his own!
    Still my compliments on the concept of the site! 😉

  43. nos20 Says:

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  45. Matt Says:

    Sorry, but the new design is awful. The usability is dire, the colours are painful, and the liquid layout at 1920×1200 is utterly appalling. And despite such a large resolution, the new design feels like it fits a lot less in that space! There’s no sense of flow, no structure, no natural focus. The whole site has become hard to use, slow to load, and ugly too.

    I much prefer the old site, which was simple and did exactly what it was supposed to do. No confusion, no layout problems. I also much prefer the old site’s listing of women down the side. Far better organised.

  46. Rice Says:

    The only good thing about the ‘new’ is the search engine. The rest – I’m sorry – looks terrible, it’s confusing … it’s just a mess 🙁 plizz don’t change current 4 this pink monster

  47. anubis Says:

    i dont like the beta site. like others have alaredy mentioned, the new site is too “much”. i like the current site because its plain and simple. the new site has too much fancy stuff. I prefer the original site to the new site. I dont mind the pink though. its a colour, its not fackin aids or anything. i just think the beta site needs to be toned down, and made simpler…. i liek the logos and buttons though, jsut make the site simpler…

    my 2 cents worth


  48. John Says:

    I didn’t like it too, the old one is way much better.
    BTW, I can’t join the forum, it’s not sending mail so I can’t activate my account.

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