The new imagehosting!

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11 Responses to “The new imagehosting!”

  1. LucySky Says:

    This is burning a hole in my head!
    Good work guys.

  2. mersa Says:

    Looks good for me! Keep the great work going!

  3. Rabies Says:


    It would be cool if you after you have uploaded a image, could get the imagecode to the “direct link” aswell. Then you could use this imagehost for avatars aswell….

    And is it possible to make the thumbs a little larger..?

  4. zafar Says:

    this is really great feature for Image hosting on Internet

    Great and Good luck

  5. Reymar Gooding Says:

    Hi, first of all, i am a big fan of your site and i would like to help in any way i can. I currently run this site where you can edit your pictures online. I would like to know if your are interested in anyways to possibly get a “mash up” going?

  6. BT Says:

    Gallery seem to be password protected… cannot reach

  7. Brytney Says:

    Good Site! Respect!Very interesting.

  8. Peter Says:

    Very good site!Respect!

  9. abs Says:

    Nice feature, good job guys.

  10. turbinca Says:

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  11. Lena loves pictures Says:

    Great news, I like this new service very much, because it is very helpful for my web activities.

    Thank you for sharing this great service with me !

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