Tracking your wishes

Maybe you did wonder about the index page early in february, when we had a search box up there. This search box let you search with the forum search function and we were also tracking each and every keyword entered there to see what users were really looking for. While the search results might not have been perfect (after all they found only results from the forum, not from itself), we did this to find out:

a) what’s hot and what’s not
b) we got all the stuff you’re looking for or we’re missing out the point
c) 2.0 needs its own search function
While some results were surprising (more about these in a later post) some were pleasing to see. Generic search terms (like nude and sex) were not as popular as we did fear and we had wallpapers for 98% of all requested names and the remaining ones will be added soon.

See the Top 100

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7 Responses to “Tracking your wishes”

  1. Eric Says:

    whens the new search function going to be in place?

  2. Dan Says:

    I’m dissapointed, Katherine Heigl is not even in top 100.
    She’s freakin’ HOT!!

  3. Mark Says:

    Search based on picture size. -> then if wannted to; narrow that down by a name/string (but not required)

    I understand this could eat the resources of the webserver pretty fast if you let it, so If you do add (this IMO much needed) functionality, I am sure someone there knows ways to accomplish this.

  4. Lee Says:

    i wonder why you hide some adds on the website… i don’t think that anybody likes it and even if you need some money, you should try to find another way to earn money with

  5. VC Says:

    Adriana Lima is at #1, But Alessandra Ambrosio deserves more than that….

  6. Arun Says:

    why isnt Sarah Foster on the site???? shes INCREDIBLY fine! please oh please have pictures of her ! itl be my christmas present WAY in advance!

  7. Nazmul Says:

    Katie Price is the most sexiest picture girl. Her body deserves it.

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