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12 Responses to “Welcome to the skins.be 2.0 development blog”

  1. sAFD Says:

    I like the layout of skins.be as it is. I think rebuilding the site will be a waste of time. The site runs fast and is easy to use. What could you possibly hope to accomplish by changing it?

  2. Shahid Says:

    I like this site for providing new and hot wallpapers for free.
    I also like its section of giving free screensavers of our favourite celebrities. And now u have started this feature, i love this blog idea, because now we can share our thoughts, ideas, comments and other things to each other, who downloads wallpapers of there beautiful & favourite celebrities and models.But now they can share there ideas, comments, views and other interesting thoughts to each other. I am grateful for you for this interesting feature of this site.

  3. christie Says:

    why don’t you guys put some male celebrities for us women? I believe it would be very popular because the picture quality is so good. Just thought i’d give you something to think about. thanks! xoxo

  4. Justin Says:

    I am a faithful Skins man, have been for two years now! this is pehaps the most valued site i visit next to maddox’s site. I only have two ideas: first suggestion, perhaps you could make somehow it accesible to get a log on account goin? I’ve tried, and even with the spam filter my isp is either filtering skins or the emails with the passwords are not being sent. Secondly, the pics have dropped a little since the takeover. They were consistently of a better quality in the past. there are still some fantastic selections, dont get me wrong, but in general, it seems like the definition has been a little loose of late…

  5. Rome Says:

    Guys good job to begin with.
    I think girls are vissitng your site so a male section should be usefull.

    And i would catagorize on playmate, moedel, (celebs aswell as the biznezz there in like actrice singer model etc.

    but in think your on the right path keep it up.

    what about dutch ore flammisch celebebs.
    and playboy shoots stuff like that.

    Ill be on teh look out

  6. Rome Says:

    why the hell is my email published

  7. Skins Says:

    your email isn’t published – it looks like you can see your own data, as you posted it, but nobody else can.

  8. Ruturaj K. Vartak Says:

    I’m a great fan of Skins.be, I love it…

    * I want the new site to keep the simple look that it has (you can make it look more attractive)
    * But keep the page simple to download
    * Could do with a little of Web 2.0 stuff as well.

  9. Ruturaj K. Vartak Says:

    and forgot I must say the RSS feed is one the best RSS feeds available, well made as well…

    a lot better than slashdot 😉

  10. Eric Says:

    The site needs a face lift. keep it clean and simple but just do a small redesign.

  11. tiago Says:

    ui ui k miudas bonitas!!!

  12. poll Says:

    i like naked pics

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