What Rocks Most?

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23 Responses to “What Rocks Most?”

  1. Skins.be Blog » Blog Archive » What Sucks Most? Says:

    […] Skins.be Blog Simply the best Wallpaper & Screensaver Site « What Rocks Most? […]

  2. Blackfly Says:

    1280×1024 Wallpapers and forum

  3. kees Says:

    forum, and most of all, ITS FREE!

  4. RKV Says:

    Following rocks…
    * skins.be
    * forum.skins.be

    …simple, aint’ it. ?

  5. vagrant Says:

    RSS Feed & good hi-res. wallpapers.

  6. phyrexia Says:

    simply everything.
    oh, and of course the best of it: it’s free!

  7. Mike Says:

    19×12 wallpapers kick ass and make me glad I ponied up the bucks for my 19×12 monitor.
    I never noticed that there was a forum, I’ll give it a look.

  8. Killadonut Says:

    The multitude of resolutions offered.

  9. Der Kรถnig Says:

    Skins.be rocks! It’s that simple;

    1. it has a lot different wallpaper resolutions to match most screen resolutions! GREAT!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. it’s free! couldn’t be happier about that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Dazman Says:

    * it’s free
    * it’s updated every day
    * the range of resolutions


  11. vicky Says:

    *skins.be has the best resolution pics..but its models/celebrities list is incomplete and even ..
    *there are no sufficient wallpapers for sexy and hot models/celebrities..
    *there are still many celebrities and models to be included .. that are really hot .either nude or scntily dressed..
    *please see this site http://www.wallpaper(s)-zone.com for finding out more sexy models and celebrities…

  12. phobox Says:

    this website is too muchh all the babes wllpapers i need i one site i mean this is second things afterr the wheel jajajajajaja the site is great continue whit the great work

    ohhhh and remember A site updated is a site whit people

  13. Chaz Says:

    Basically, just the ease of use is the coolest thing about Skins.be (aisde from all the smokin’ babes!)

  14. Jo Juan Says:

    What Rocks the Most

    so much…

    1. new babes
    2. good quality
    3. grup bands and maybe their individual wallpapers…
    4. where is Girls Aloud?????

  15. gRuNt Says:

    1. It’s FREE.
    2. GREAT Walls
    3. Constantly updated
    4. Forum
    6. Etc

    The site is simply amazing !!!

  16. Yepa Says:


  17. Mike Says:

    updated every day
    range of resolutions

  18. llvllax Says:

    As I somewhat mentioned in another post, set it up like these folks, & you would have a definite winner with me, & most likely with several others. http://www.sexydesktop.co.uk/ Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. zafar Says:

    2`Different with High Resolutions
    3`Update Hourly
    4`Live bookmark on firefox (I like it)
    5`1920×1200 Best for all screens
    6`Simple to Use
    Best Of Luck

  20. sakib Says:

    the most important quality of this site is that it do not make us moving here and there but is help us to remain at the site by indexing its wallpaper in great manner

  21. dario Says:

    1. it has a lot different wallpaper resolutions to match most screen resolutions! GREAT!!

    2. itโ€™s free! couldnโ€™t be happier about that!

    3. always updated

  22. valetntino Says:

    for all the reasons, the other persons mention ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Am wrili adicted to the site, because exept those mentioned things its also free of banner, popups , its fresh and easy at use

    and then, most importantly, full of beautifeul womans pictures.

    Good way to go.

    i hope, it woul’d change to much

  23. valetntino Says:

    i love thiss website

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