What Sucks Most?

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78 Responses to “What Sucks Most?”

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  2. Blackfly Says:

    1024×768 Wallpapers

  3. kees Says:

    no dual screen wallpapers

  4. webmaster Says:

    Loose the adult friend finder skanks…they bring the whole site down

  5. kees Says:

    i agree with webmaster

  6. RKV Says:

    No porn ads (adult friend finder)

  7. m00n Says:

    adult fried finder! Definitly!

  8. mads Says:

    I should be able to make it sort after screen size, most downloaded.. and so on.

  9. phyrexia Says:

    yep.lose the adult friend finder ads… they’re crap.

  10. Shocking Says:

    adult friend finder ruin d whole site. it was better the way it used to be

  11. me Says:

    no adult-friend-finder!
    dual-screen-wallpapers will be cool (2048×768, 2560×1024)

  12. mersa Says:

    Have no problem with ad cause they’re necessary! But this AdultFriendFinder ruin the whole site!

  13. i dont want to dl pic by pic Says:

    plz! add a function who allows you to download a whole “gallery” (or how should i call this?..) from a girl. it should look something like this: you click for example on adriana lima and then u can choose something like “download all pics of her”, now there should be available which resolution and stuff. and then you say u want for example all 1600×1200 pics of her…and whoosh u have all 1600×1200 pics of her on your pc.

    this actually would be very helpful, because i want to have all pics but i simply dont have the time to download them pic after pic…so plz add this function

    i think other users would fing this a good idea too.
    (ah btw, i am from germany and sorry if somethings wrong with the english.)


  14. Steve Says:

    I love the site but hate the ads. I am also a webmaster so I understand the need for ads, but there is no need for “Adult Friend Finder” ads to ruin the site. Don’t get me wrong, I like the ladies, but the ladies in the ads are trash!

    Dual screen and tri screen wallpapers would be great!

  15. Hopsing Says:

    I agree with ‘pic’. Add a function to download whole galleries, PLEASE!!!!


  16. nrg Says:

    agree with webmaster…

    those ads gotta go

  17. Killadonut Says:

    Like almost everybody else, I agree with the fact that the Adult Friend Finder ads have got to go. I realize that those ads provide a means of revenue but they just bring the quality and appeal of the site down. I think most people would have no problem if replace those ads with non-porn ads.

    Also a feature where I can download a certain resolution WP’s of a certain model would be great. It’s almost like what “i dont want to dl pic by pic” says. But I just want to download a certain resolution, in my case 1440X900.

  18. abc Says:

    What sucks is that there arent enough pornstars in here.

  19. venom89 Says:

    dualscreen walpapers missing…

    aduld friend finder sucks!!!

    some new models will also be fine^^

  20. abc Says:

    Thanks for briana banks…looking forward to seeing Sylvia saint, Katja kean..etc..

  21. Dazman Says:

    same, ads to go
    i’m a webmaster and i understand their needs but you have Google adsense or something like this and you could put those ads above the gallery, not in the middle of it πŸ™‚

  22. Duke Says:

    …no Mary Winstead πŸ™

  23. reader Says:

    1) the with “usercash.com” infested forum
    2) the with “usercash.com” infested forum
    3) the with “usercash.com” infested forum
    4) the with “usercash.com” infested forum
    5) the with “usercash.com” infested forum
    6) “adult friend finder”

  24. yoshi314 Says:

    nothing that adblock cannot fix ^_^
    it’s fun stripping the sites of ads with it πŸ˜€


    i can go with google adsense since it’s not that annoying, but i usually kill everything else, be it flash, gifs or iframes.

  25. Hassan Scarborough Says:

    need more varity of babes, how but belladonna,sanaa lathan, and jayna osoto name a few.

  26. gigica Says:

    Please remove those ads. Something like Google AdSense sounds good.

  27. wang Says:

    There’s no option to view a set of random wallpapers. Sometimes I’m just in the mood to browse through all the pictures, and be pleasently surprised at the same time ;-).

  28. Says Says:

    A sort by Function
    So that you can sort the pics due to the current hotness

    and no porn ads

  29. phelonius Says:

    i agree that there should be an advanced sort function

    and maybe a random picture service. sometimes i just want a new wallpaper with a pretty gal and don’t know who i want, so random would be cool!

  30. chick hunter Says:

    Yeh agree, remove the adds & AFF they ruin the site completely.

    A sort function type, like random ( just displays random pics for your viewing pleasure πŸ˜€ ) current hotness, most viewed etc etc, for ease of use.

    I also notice some picture quality loss in some of the pictures since the site was taken over, like pixelated blocky effects, espeacially on the larger resolutions, QUALITY > QUANTITY always, i dont wanna be looking a what could be a nice desktop but it isnt becuase the quality is poor.

  31. Bobby Says:

    More Marisa Miller wallpapers would be freakin sweet

  32. Gyalist Says:

    where the black models at? esther baxter etc

  33. game kid Says:

    “where the black models at?”

    I wouldn’t mind Keyshia Cole (the song “I Changed My Mind”, etc.) myself. Love her (dyed) red hair.

  34. DL A Gallery Says:

    “i dont want to dl pic by pic” said it all, its easier to download a gallery then pick individual pics!!!! i would enjoy this site more if it was easy to manage the DL’s as like DL a gallery, but you gusy still rock

  35. Spec-K Says:

    Better methods of sorting the wallpapers you want to view (like ‘only show widescreen wallpapers’ and ‘only show wallpapers 1200×800 and above’) Downloading a whole gallery according to user input criteria is a great idea (nice one ‘i dont want to dl pic by pic’)

    The ads don’t bother me, i use Firefox with the NoScript extension, but i’d like to see them gone too. They just make the site look really tacky.

  36. Chaz Says:

    Very little, if anything sucks about Skins.be.

  37. SpecialEd Says:

    In my eyes the WATERMARKS on the walls suck most.
    And they donΒ΄t make sense, as iΒ΄m pretty sure that noone here owns the copyrights of those pics…

  38. ScriptKitty Says:

    Functions to sort for newest wallpapers, current / daily /overall hotness, filters for desired resolutions, up to 20 random wallpaper thumbnails at the right, email notification if there’s a new wallpaper of your favourite celeb published …

    All thoise functions already exist, you just have to register as a member at skins.be and configure the filters in your profile.

  39. thecoolstuff Says:

    Not all the wallpapers have all the resolutions. Sometimes I found a picture I really like it to be on my desktop but does not have the correct resolution…

  40. rich guy Says:

    would love to see quad screen wallpapers

  41. Joe Says:

    Definately more ethnic type models. We need more Ki-Toy Johnson, Melyssa Ford, Esther Baxter, Gloria Velez, Buffie The Body and more Vida Guerra. I wish the older pictures had 1920 x 1200 resolutions as well, some of them are nice but too small.

  42. FreakyStyler Says:

    would be great to see some facts (kind of biography) of the babes… birthday, country, maybe films she made and so on….

  43. steve Says:

    Charlotte Church is very not hot

  44. bob Says:

    QUALITY! If the pictures isn’t high resolution and great quality, SKIP IT!

  45. Jo Juan Says:

    What Sucks the Most

    actually not much…

    1. Mis-spelling name models/celebs

    I think that’s all for now…

  46. R/\/\C Says:

    1.Porno ads
    2.When a whole picture is cut into 2.what the hell that mean.

  47. Suuuroo Says:

    Porn ad’s have got to go!!!

  48. RedPariah Says:

    Nothing ‘bad’, just inconvenient…I wish you had a search engine utilizing key words. I.E. – I’m a sucker for brunettes in boots. If images were tagged with descriptive terms – like model, brunette, boots for example, I’d be a happy camper.

  49. someoneshy Says:

    Yeah, some of the ads take forever to load.

  50. gRuNt Says:

    The ads are not the problem they need them to keep the site alive so stop bitching about it.

    The only thing that I don’t like is the skins.be water mark, but I guess I can live with it πŸ™‚

    The option of download-ing all the pics of one girl is great, I hope u add it. Just make *.zip files with all the pics of one resolution and we can easily download a bunch of walls of our favorite celeb πŸ™‚

  51. 27mad Says:

    Answer Me Answer Me Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, there’z no no no no Awful , ! swear that thiz site !t’z Awesome & Best Around World but somethin’ ! don’t l!ke !n It, sob sob I NEED 2 DOWNLOAD ALL &FULL SITE I CAN”T _________/\/\/\/\/\_/\/\__ .be.

  52. CN Darkside Says:

    Plz add a gallery where you can preveiw all babes at once even if for just 1 letter at a time.
    also a pic finder would be nice. something that allows you to search by hair color, date taken, photographer, profession, etc

  53. Neophyte Says:

    Similarly to other peoples pet hate, adultfriend finder. It does degrade the quality of an otherwise awesome site.

    Somebody mentioned the ability to download a gallery of for example, a paricular person at a particular resolution. Great Idea!

    Dual and Tri screen wallpaper sizes would be fantastic too

  54. open6l Says:

    definitely more Marisa Miller would rock!!!!!!

  55. Matrixfire Says:

    Get rid of the adult friend finder crap, it was a much more tasteful site before hand.

  56. Ben Says:

    hot chicks get sometimes current hotness 0%, how does this come?

  57. Marcel Says:

    For all of you who wish to see WP in only one size:

    If you log on to the site you can choose which size will be shown to you… So you can choose to just get all the 1600*1200 for example.

  58. treason Says:

    I agree with marcel

    I love the WIDE Screens wallpapers..

    i would love to see a way to filter by size

  59. no ads Says:

    loose the porn ads

  60. gamias Says:

    I’ve thought long a hard about this as I’ve read the whole internet now and *.skins.be is by far and away the best site.

    The only thing I’d change is the blog. Blog larger resolutions not just 1024×768.

  61. techno freak Says:

    more of indian film actresses, miss worlds n the miss universes. Aishwariya rai is good.. would like to see widescreen wallpapers of hotties like priyanka chopra, lara dutta, sushmita sen n others

  62. MrX Says:

    Give up the distinction between celebreties and models! I never know where to search…

  63. -V- Says:

    Already visited Links on the Main skins.be page should change color when clicked.. like links normally do.. but here.. their Black.. and stay black after U have clicked it.. Very Hard to Keep track of the Surfing..
    oh.. and Fcourse the Adult Friend Finder

  64. Jo Juan Says:

    Misspelling celebrity name:

    Nicki Hilton —> Nikcy Hilton
    Kimberley Davis —> Kimberley Davies
    Pink (Alicia Moore) —> Pink (Alecia Moore)

    source: en.wikipedia.org

  65. gerg Says:

    Do not like the filtering used on some ‘skins.be’ wallpapers/pictures. Looks horrible.
    The use of filtering has increased much lately.

  66. gerg Says:

    Who messed up Adrianna Lima’s picture ?! The picture looks hideous ! Green and red splotches ! Could have been a great picture. Picture #24382. And even when the picture is not ruined, this filtering makes the picture look air-brushed or cartoonish; or worse. Another case: Denise Richards picture #24392. This ‘photoshop’ stuff ruins the pictures and sometimes increases the file size.

  67. gerg Says:

    There are many great pictures on this site though.

  68. zafar Says:

    i am also 101% agree with WebMaster no porn ads and adultfrienfinder these porn pics make my pc screen dirty

  69. sexydesi.net Says:


  70. Jonas Says:

    The porn advertise!!!

  71. krypto74 Says:

    I think that dividing the nude pics from the Safe pics would be helpful, I agree that the quality of the ads should be increased and group downloading features requested above would be great.

    But it is a great site. Keep up the good work.

  72. "i dont want to dl pic by pic" II Says:

    I agree with “i dont want to dl pic by pic”!

    A download option!

  73. Josh Einstein Says:

    1) Girls that are fully dressed. It’s Skins.be, not Clothing.be.
    2) Merge celebs and models.
    3) Tell Mr. Skin to put the mouseover previews back up.

  74. jayc Says:

    what sucks the most is the ads and sometimes the quality of some pictures. the water mark is not called for either. i love how many names are on here but i am sure you guys can get more. i would love to see jillian barberie and sylvia saint. πŸ™‚ keep up the great work.

  75. Shaun Says:

    porn advertisements + not enough supported resolutions ( 1280×800 etc. ) you have quite a few 1280×800 but id love to see more πŸ™‚

  76. gdgse Says:

    Introduce a cookie so we don’t have to fuss about resolutions. First, have the user set the resolutions offered to preference order. Then serve him pictures according to the resolution preference list: First serve the image in the most preferred resolution. If it’s not available, then at the second most preferred reso. And so forth. This current system is messy.

  77. mike jones Says:

    dont let people upload their own pictures cause i dont want these great pictures diluted by crap people put in

  78. Rogha Says:

    The ONLY thing I dont like about this version is that wallpapers do not open up in a new window.

    some non-babe names show up, like “b0r1sx” and “svkro”, which strikes Me as very odd, but other than that, everything seems great.

    This site has become My ONLY wallpaper site.


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